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  1. ... enough GROWTH of the industry, even someone with a degree from a good university will have trouble getting a job.

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  2. (1)failure (2)change (3)capital (4)which (5)skill (6)multiply (7)tuned

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  3. Self-owned 應該是從self-ownership延伸出來的.Self-ownership是自由主義的基礎,應該不是陌生的觀念吧! 這就應該是HKCat所說的版權問題.Reddit應該是希望不要有"太多"的版權爭議.而且希望將來有爭議的時候能夠用這一個條款來免責. 香港貓...

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  4. ... Composition500 must be interpreted by your good self:- ----------My future is not a dream----------- (1)I have a wide...

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  5. ...taste----v---plural S needs plural v, no need to add "s" so good ----(=very good )(adv),to such a degree. ie:- The "meals was so...

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  6. Good 貓.... 買升級貓糧奬勵! 當然若按法例你交去警局.... (應該無人認領...後好像是半年...仍歸你的)... [各處法例不同,請按世情處理吧]

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  7. ...quot;forcibly" held to eat to mouth by the fellow-friends without good reason.He " is forced"to open his mouth by...

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  8. ... in the late Eastern Han Dynasty are good models. 1:"主帥"是一個漢語概念的詞,如果直接用"marshal...

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  9. ...quot;running譯變成一個非動詞字根的"名詞"才可跟"美食"( good food)對等,又要同樣是兩個字組成的名詞才是對稱。

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  10. ...have you been lately? B: So far so good ; but I have a problem now. A: for helping me solving this problem. Good advice and I'm "loving" it...

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