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  1. 3. D 16. C 21. D 22. C 26. A 27. B 28. B 29. D 30. B 3. D 4. D 更新: 16. A 29. B 30. A

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  2. Goodbye without a word is the most heart-broken.If you say ,I will let you go .

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  3. ... where were going to be baby cant stand to see you... time to make a change said im never gunna change your ways i guess i gotta walk away without you i dont wanna be the one to...

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  4. ... seen) the weather forecast yesterday that it was (fine& cloudless without rain). It was not important(whatever) the forecast (were), (however...

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  5. Sietsema每次報導一家餐廳時,總會先到過該家餐廳數次,他說:「他我會在安靜的週一和忙碌的週六到那家餐廳去,而且至少吃過1次的午餐。」。在評斷1家餐廳時,食物佔分比約一半,其他的佔分比取決於餐廳的服務和氣氛。

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  6. ... Goes up in smoke上升的烟雾 Just how it goes 刚刚是怎么回事 Goes without saying 不言而喻 There was a man有一个人, A lonely man一个孤...

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  7. 沒跟毋忘在莒合照 別說你去過金門 If you went to Kinmen without taking picture with Wu-Wang-Zai-Ju Inscribed Rock, you shouldn’t say I have ever been to Kinmen.

  8. rain, whether in a storm or a great wind, I simply went . How strict the palace rules were during... what was expected of me without finding it too difficult. Perhaps it ...

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  9. 聽著,你的時代開始了 接受未來的挑戰 試著昂揚而立 情人們會令你流淚 釋放你的恐懼吧 勇敢面對,活出價值來 不要恥於哭泣 你得如此 你得耍壞;你得勇敢 你得聰明點 你得嚴厲些;你得強硬些 你得堅強點 你得沉著;你得沉穩 你得心手相連 我所知是愛會度過...

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  10. ...跟著隨他而去. 2015-05-21 09:01:39 補充: 第一段之 when I am gone , 是否為"離開人間"的意思,請依據全文文意修正。

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