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  1. From the 1960s British influence gave way to that of the US, which in turn was...that of the US = British influence gave way to the influence of the US. = The influence...

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  2. give way to 被 ..... 取代 傳統的鍺基板很可能會被含鍺的矽基板所取代. 這些基板有著成本更低, 強度更高和重量更輕的優點

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  3. 讓路權給... 或 讓路給… 的意思 比如說你在十字路口要讓路給橫向行駛的車輛就可以說: Give way to the crossing traffic.

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  4. 版大你好 翻譯如下 There wasn't even a recommended way to give the Sales Plan. 對於促銷方案尚還未有一個建議(合適;被大家認同...

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  5. He has taught me about confusion always giving way to clarity and chaos eventually resutling in confidence. 他告訴我疑惑是了解必經之道而混亂是激發信心之鑰

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  6. Well, let me give you an example, where to use " way to wreck the curve" I...quot;. Therefore, " way to wreck the curve" means..., this will give you an idea what it means...

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  7. ... to Paris . we only work from Monday to Friday . he gave it to his sister . Here are some ways for learning English. for是介係詞 接動詞時動詞要加上ing...

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  8. ...連接詞. A rain 主詞, 一場雨, 名詞 Loosened 使..變鬆, 動詞, Gave way = fail to support 不能支持或退後, 動詞 And 且, 對等連接詞, 連接二個詞性相同...

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  9. ...century a religious understanding of Western identity was giving way to more secular conceptions. 歐洲人在早期就已經知道 這世界還有許多異教徒...

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  10. These volunteer opportunities are a way to give back and to spend time together as a team. 這些做義工的機會 是一個做出回饋與團隊團聚的方法.

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