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  1. ...通常你用中文說出來就知道那個是對的) -------------------------------------------------------------- give help to + [人的受詞] We should give help to those in need 我們應該給有需要的人...

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  2. ...schedule for studying is a great tip any A student will give you. 2013-11-18 12:45:05 補充: #4 Con't You want studying to become a habit so the knowledge can be long term. Cramming the day before...

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  3. They gave him a hand when they understood why he got to their country. And finally, they help him get back home.

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  4. ..., here comes a question. Could you help me to boost my English ability? My ... up(ahead of time 和 early 同意). Please give me the ability to pass it. 這是依照我經驗修改...

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  5. ...object. i.e. I woud love to go visit the pyramid. 參考資料: ok, i do not want to say this but i can t help it since i ve seen too many ppl here vote for the wrong answers. ...

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  6. ... of the words in order according to dictionary แย่ yâe be bad...downward # write down ; note down ; register ; publish give you the dictionary link, use it if you need it

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  7. ... s Bus line on Tulane Ave. You can take the bus to French Quarter. "St. Vincent s Guesthouse...

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  8. ... devote or contribute She really gave of her time to help . They give of themselves to improve the quality of education. give ...

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  9. ...想話係阿AUNTIE俾我GE, 咁你可以話係"the i phone4 was given to me by my auntie"

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  10. A) how to do (X) A) how to do it (O) B) what to do it (X) B) what to do (O) C) what should I do (X) C) what I should do (O) D) who to ask for help (O)

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2018年02月22日