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  1. ...永遠..... 永遠都不放棄 but what we will never do is we will never ever, ever... give up. 我想英國首相邱吉爾是這麼說的 winston churchill said that, I think...

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  2. 請問您指的劇場版是34分鐘的那個PV嗎? 這裡有載點可以給您 +我即時 進入後請點 : 電信下載 更多資訊在 前田敦子後援會 很多東西可以下載 歡迎入坑喔!

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  3. Give Me A Reason To Love You - ... of playing, Playing with this bow and arrow, Gonna give my heart away, Leave it to the other girls to play, For...

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  4. Give me a minute, I'm good. Give me an hour, I'm great Give me six months, I'm unbeatable! 給我一分鐘 我很好 給我一小時 我很強 給我的隊六個月 天下無敵

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  5. 歌名: GIVE IT 2 ME 演唱:Classic 若有資料小弟再補上 希望有幫助到您 ~^_^~ 2008-07-06 23:32:13 補充: Courtesy of DeeTown Entertainment

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  6. 歌名 : You give me something 演唱 : James morrison (詹姆斯墨里森) 專輯... away.  但另個部分卻躊躇不前 'Cause you give me something  因為你給我的愛意 That makes ...

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  7. 歌名: Give It 2 Me 歌手:Chris Classic 抱歉目前網路尚無歌詞...2010-01-21 00:24:15 補充: YouTube 關鍵字:Chris Classic - Give It 2 Me

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  8. ...need to know - will you stay for alltime...forever and a dayThen I ll give my heart til the end of alltime...forever and a dayChorus Til...

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  9. ... novelly in a piece 2.再適當的時間給予適當的音樂 The suitable time gives the suitable music 3.音樂華麗但是沉重 . 也帶有一點力量的感覺 The music...

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  10. ... 05. Norman 06. At The Museum 07. Giving Eric The Key 08. Eric At Midnight...

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