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  1. ... course, they took pains not to light on his head and get the pins in their feet. 當然,他們非常小心輕輕地跳在稻草人...

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  2. So I believe the best way to get across the desert 這一大段 是名詞子句 當主詞 是這個句子的主詞 will be是這個句子的動詞

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  3. 時序: 1. She left. 2. Henry arrived. 3. So she did not see him. 正確答案:B  「過去完成式」she had left在「過去簡單式」he left there之前發生 先離開的她沒看到後來到的他(時序合理)

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  4. ... (5)Switch back Ah-Bing E (6) You have got the posting by Ah Bing programming from C/...

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  5. ...peep regard rubberneck scan scout scrutinize spot spy survey tend feast one's eyes get a load of pore over take a gander take in the sights

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  6. ... will bring it to them if they don't come here. You could get laid too, had you come to the party. = You could get laid...

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  7. ...quot;loving" it ? B: Of course ! Grand ! You got me. Thank you for helping me solving this problem...

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  8. ... bill. •例3. They hurried to end any conversation and get on their way.

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  9. John has got his sister knocked up.

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