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  1. funeral ceremony 喪禮 family funeral ceremony 或 private funeral ceremony 家祭典禮 public funeral ceremony ...

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  2. 是要Participating in funeral ceremony 的翻譯嗎? 這句意思是 參加葬禮 。

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  3. ... funeral rites 3. Chinese funeral arrangement 4.Chinese funeral ceremony 5. Chinese funeral traditions 6. Chinese funeral taboo...

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  4. ... grandfather passed away on Feb xx, 2008. I need to attend the funeral ceremony during the leave period. Apologise for the inconvenience that might have...

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  5. religious=宗教上的 (adj.) ceremony =儀式;典禮 (n.) sacrificial=獻祭的;犧牲的 (adj.) alter=改變 (v.) priest=神父;教士(n.) entrance=入口(n.) funeral =葬儀;葬儀的 (n. ; adj.)

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  6. ...08:25:14 補充: morgue (停屍間/太平間) city morgue 市立殯儀館(比較簡單的說法) funeral director 【美】殯儀館館長 funeral parlour = funeral home = 殯儀館 hearse...

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  7. Right funeral line =burial or cremation of a dead person with the usual ceremonies . For a right hand side turn funeral line procession,you can see the corpse and its expressions before it...

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  8. 假設你要說喪禮的話 可以說 funeral obsequies 或者是 a (religious) ceremony for mourning the dead [ 一種哀悼死者的(宗教性)儀式 ] 另外 a letter condolence有哀悼的意思 如果你要用致上哀悼之意的話,可以用 send/offer your condolences

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  9. Will of cancer-batten old colonel: Turning funeral to a re-union and wedding ceremony with deceased wife

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