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  1. Anne Frank (1929-1945), German-Jewish diarist, known.... Perhaps more than any other figure, Anne Frank gave a human face to the victims of the ...

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  2. ...misconduct. Your book "Millions" is written by Frank Cottrell Boyce, you even could not spell his name correctly! >...

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  3. ...19:08:16 補充: In order to survive, Anne’s father, Otto Frank , found a secret hiding place for himself and his family...

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  4. Frank 標示解釋 圖片參考:日耳曼人的一支) 2. (地中海東部諸國用語)歐洲人 " Frank " 相關搜尋: 網頁 | 知識 圖片參考:http://www...

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  5. The story of Anne Frank is famous in the Western world. During the Frank

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  6. ANNE FRANK : THE DIARY ...安妮.法蘭克(Anna Frank ,1929~1945)猶太人,出生於德國... to Anne Frank on her thirteenth...

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  7. Jack: Hello? Frank : Hi, Jack. It’s Frank . Jack: Hi, Frank ...? (5) ___Did____ you ___go__ (go) to the beach while you were there? Frank : No, I (6) ____was______ (be) too busy. Jack: (7) __Did...

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  8. ...林老師是一位嚴厲的老師. 在他的課堂上是不允許飲食與交談的. 1.broad 2. frank 3.strict 4.dumb 1.寬廣的 2.真誠的 3.嚴厲的 4.笨的/啞的

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  9. ...係名? 2007-03-23 22:53:47 補充: 另外佢亦都用到wikipedia講俾大家知好多人用 Frank 用first name,可以睇下,可以睇到...

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  10. 下..好多答案喎..... frank was born in (China, England, Hong Kong, London) 總之係地方名就得la~第二個仲多答案 year, two years, a month, ten days 等等等等...總之係時間就得la~

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