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  1. ...enough, i think you would not believe her or him i am a pro flute teacher. 1.音有風聲, is not really much related to the 嘴型. it'...

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  2. ... 13, 1700 – October 28, 1768) was a French flute virtuoso. Blavet was born in Besançon, France...

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  3. Benoît Fromanger Flute Recital Benoit Fromanger, flute Trained at the...

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  4. 冇伴奏譜表示係 solo piece, 通常 instrumental exam會有個 solo piece 的. 只要 speed 一樣, 通常會夾到. 只係考 flute 學生 intonation, 伴奏彈得好5好5會太影響, 但是如果彈得好 examiner感覺好, will be a bonus!

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  5. Model D101K Alto C major Membrane hole free Beginner level dizi bamboo

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  6. 網上冇咩 Flute 譜架喎,你話要琴譜就有~ Or may be you go to this website to take a look : carmen-fantasy- for- flute -piano-or-orchestra

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  7. 這些網站都超多譜的 而且都超讚 Or 你只要到這個網: http://vision.csie.n web/ 再按"...

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  8. more easy to put the flute togeter

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  9. Flute :

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  10. about $38000 i have flute want to sell, better than Miyazawa, England brand: ...if you are interested, please contact me why i say this miyazawa flute is not as good as the trevor james flute ? since the headjoint of the miyazawa flute ...

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