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  1. ... Healing Prayer Fresh) 於第十三集得到「Pine Flute (鳳梨笛)」後的強化必殺技

  2. .... Mr. Rittershausen was a Boehm flute specialist who trained under Boehm and his partner Carl...

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  3. 不識彈琴, 可考到 可以5識 music ka or you may learn flute /oboe/clarinet/bassoon/trumpet/horn/trombone/euphonum/tuba/violin/viola/cello/double bass,etc i am a teacher, if yu want to learn music or 樂理, you may find me, i can teach you^^

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  4. about $38000 i have flute want to sell, better than Miyazawa, England brand: ...if you are interested, please contact me why i say this miyazawa flute is not as good as the trevor james flute ? since the headjoint of the miyazawa flute ...

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  5. i am a flute teacher, would you mind playing me once with your friends? i can help you to get improvement if you are interested, please contact me

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  6. ...1139239957&p=2 或可到這裡都唔錯.... flute /fingering/index.html 睇唔明先再補充講啦,希望幫到你!

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  7. 樂器細細個~學費又吾算太貴~比較易的~ flute or clarinet too much need to say, cannot tell you here , please send me a mail for more info 2011-10-25 17:12:15 補充: flute 5 要求好難嘅樂理

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  8. say this song is originally played by violin, some people change it to flute

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  9. ... Singing Harp Baritone Harpsichord Flute Ensembles Practical Musicianship Oboe ...

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  10. 1a.我想問中音笛的指法如何? 跟高音笛一樣,不過 高音笛 in C, (Alto) 中音笛 in F, (Tenor) 次中音笛 in C 1b. 最低是那個音? 高音笛 in C, 最低也是 C (Alto) 中音笛 in F, 最低也是 F, 比高音笛低4度 (Tenor...

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  1. flute 相關