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  1. (A) How long does it take to fly from Taiwan to Singapore? 看來正確:說明怎樣"正確"...會用假試性問題修辭的時態表達將要發生的情況: How long will it take to fly from Taiwan to Singapore? (B) It needs time...

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  2. 將 won't = will not =將不會 但風箏將不會飛。

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  3. (1) Fredji - Flying High (2) Peyruis - Rêveur TO版主: 如果不是你要的答案 請通知一下 我會刪除解答 如果是你要的答案 請記得 !! 要選擇最佳解答 ~ 發問一小時後 就可選擇了。

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  4. When you feel the resistance (to the wind)----subordinate adv. cl of reason "you should know" that you are flying --------main cl of a complex sentence with its own Subject and predicate--"that you are flying ."

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  5. ...aircraft did not stop in Japan). 2. The aircraft involves fly in and out of the U.S. Generally speaking, the ...

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  6. 「小鳥躲水管」( Flying Face)

  7. ...中文歌詞是我亂翻的 =========================================== Oh seem to we have to fly 哦 看樣子我們該飛了 Oh I'm still in the dark... 哦 我仍...

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  8. ... bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven. 上面出自King James...

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  9. ... =Were I a bird =Were I a bird, I would fly . =indicating cannot be a fact, only imagining imperatively.

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