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  1. Main level is the level where you can enter and exit the building on foot. Depending on the construction of the building, the main level could be at any floor .

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  2. ...:-What is that ? Josp:-Our new office is 2 floors below yours. We'll be working in the same building...

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  3. (1)I finally finished the terrace floor and the blinds. (2)You are key-enchanced by Chair, Table, Machine. (3)I told you, honey, that LOVE is coming back.

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  4. ...開會時,在車上等紅綠燈時,或者是在講電話時。 (骨盆底肌 Pelvic Floor Muscles 就是在憋住小便、放屁時所使用的提肛肌) 凱格爾運動是由一...

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  5. ...是說法的不同而已。 【3】 中文 : 「地板」被「樹」覆蓋 (1) The floor is covered by the trees. (2) The floor is to...

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  6. 서울특별시 중구 을지로 65호 28층 KOREA 首爾特別市中區乙支路65號28樓/ 層 ✨ 希望能 幫上忙吧!

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