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  1. faults, flaws , weaknesses and drawbacks. 如光以「缺點... some faults in the book. 我再書裡找到一些錯誤 flaws 缺點、缺陷、瑕疵(特別也指物品與個性)與 in 運用...

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  2. Tragic flaw (Hamartia):Often loosely used as a synonym for hamartia, the...

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  3. ...也可表示人或物的缺點及毛病 shortcoming= fault 通常指某人性格上缺點及短處 flaw = mistake 通常指材料或物體上的瑕疵 或 某人性格上的缺陷

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  4. Glitch will work for machine defects. Otherwise, you can also say "minor defect", "minor flaw ". Honestly, small flaw will probably be understandable though not technically formal.

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  5. flawed genius 的中文意思 有缺陷的天才

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  6. 她說好(可能是答應求婚),但那並不意味著我是完美的,我仍然是有缺點的.只是她能了解欣賞

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  7. Flaws in Table Services 1. Excessive trips After...

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  8. ...的缺失 If that is the case, please do inform us of our flaws 好讓我們加以改進 So that we could improve on them 翻譯: ...

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  9. ...弱點. True forgiveness is to learn from the past and accept other's flaws .

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  10. 1. Are the flawed product belong to the same end user? What category ... attached to it? The two flaws are sent to our quality control department...

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