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  1. According to the English Dictionary, the word of cookie or cooky is a noun (Scotland & U.S.A.) ;small. flat , thin, sweet cake (Esp. home-made). Yip

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  2. Elliot gave him. The tires were flat , the chain rusty, the basket broken, and his heart weeping...

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  3. ...maintenance. 4.) I feel like I've been cooped up in this flat (for days). 版大的例子 (for...

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  4. ...over plans to build wind turbines on the Nordic country’s flat farmland, how do they solve the problem? A1. They found a ...

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  5. lay flat length = 未拉長時的長度 total length = 拉長至盡的長度(或者最長可拉到的長度) total length應該比lay flat length長吧!

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  6. Teteron,Polyester flat yarn and a variety of other fabric materials.

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  7. ... am a girl with kind heart( sounds like that I am flatter myself) A girl with too short bangs cut

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  8. 薪金其實(幾乎)無變.

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  9. ... side of an object, building, or vehicle is any of its flat surfaces which is not considered to be its front...

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  10. google translate 整體外觀:發育良好和營養,急性疾病的外觀。 心理狀態:警報和幸福導向型 灌注和氧合狀態:四肢溫暖有無發紺 Integment: 皮膚:正常皮膚turgo,無皮疹。 釘子:法線貼圖和分配。 HEENT: 負責人:無壓痛或瘢痕過頭皮,不正常的凹陷顱骨配置...

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