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  1. Take five is to suggest to take a 5 minute break. A 5 minute break is commonly...have 5 fingers on a hand. When a person asks other to take a five , he/she would raise his/her hand to signal five .

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  2. FIve "wailers" mourning at the tomb 我想這句話是"五子...

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  3. * on March fifth , 2007可以寫成   on March fifth in 2007嗎? 應該是... monday, the third monday, the fourth monday, the fifth monday or the last monday of january, 2007.

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  4. ... will" Gale "practice" the drums? At half past five ?(問未來的事件) "When did" Gale "practice"...

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  5. 你都少 ' 一撇 It's five to twelve. 再五分鐘就12點了 Let's have a lunch break. 讓我們吃午餐休息一下 Let's=Let us 讓我們

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  6. 英文的score代表20 five -score years ago 指的是100年前. = five scores of years or set of 20: about a score of years ago. 2008-12-21 22:14:54 補充: five -score: 當形容詞用(=100), 注意中間的短線(hyphen).

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  7. ...amp;feature=related 播放時間大約在 1:53 左右的地方會聽到那個字眼. Five by five 是訊號清晰良好的意思. 它的本意及引申意可參考: http://en.wikipedia...

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  8. [ˋtwɛntɪ-faɪv]

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  9. five -and-ten (fīv ən-tĕn )n. A retail store selling a wide variety of inexpensive articles. Also called dime store, five -and-dime; Also called ten-cent store.[Short for five -and-ten-cent store.]

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  10. ... Isn t Free"歌詞裡,所謂的Buck o Five 其實是指$1.05,Buck o five 是它的念法(one buck and five cents)http...

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