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  1. cooperation - 協力, 合作社 firm - 商行, 商號, 公司 enterprise - (有一定冒險性的) 事業, 企業, 公司 company - 公司, 商號 business - 生意, 交易, 商業, 營業, 行業 用最多的是 company. 不同大概就是敢覺吧.

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  2. 我單純的看是一個是公司~ 一個是產業~ 差在那~兩個不一樣的東西~

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  3. ... them faraway places before the concept of a global design firm really existed. (X) [These people] often [took] them...

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  4. Knows your firm in 104 manpower bank invitation servicers aspect information, no matter... the third language specialty If your firm can give me such opportunity to serve for your firm , I...

  5. Firm = 公司或企業 照內容看來 FIRM 有可能是 Fair Immigration Reform Movement 不確定是哪一個 在不超出此合約賦予 FIRM 的限制下, FIRM 在版圖範圍內必須提供客戶一級的支援,

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  6. 金融界中 issue 一字指「證券發行」。 issuing firm 便是發行証券的公司。

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  7. Second, Japanese electronics firms are well diversified, so I could observe...include the following: (1) at conglomerate level (2) at firm level (3) at business (unit) level (4) at division level so...

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  8. ...拿來當名詞用。如果你要說貴公司,你可以說: Your firm Your company Your business 但你不會說 ...前身,所以有些商業用語可能是沿習下來的 (你可以自己查查 firm 的來源,因為來源部分我是猜的)。 Company 和...

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  9. ※ firm in speech soft in heart. → 嘴硬心軟 2006-01-26 09:57:35 補充: sorry 少打一個單字~更正!!※ firm in speech but soft in heart. → 嘴硬心軟

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  10. ...reason of the Constitution violation. Of the 26 accounting firms ,21 (81 per cent) were Big 4 firms . 在所有的26個會計公司...

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