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  1. company與 firm 都是公司, 一般是通用, 唯獨用於名稱要用company, 不可用 firm . plant是工廠, 也可指整廠設備機器. 製鞋廠 shoe plant, shoe mill...) 2008-08-03 12:45:33 補充: Let's go to the firm . (X) 打錯了抱歉.

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  2. Abstract: 摘要 We find that firms are more likely to manage earnings upward..., subsequent to the 2003 dividend tax cut, in firms with high payout ratios, in firms ...

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  3. Firms ’ knowledge of university research. 業界(多數) 對學術研究的認知。 Firm ’s...

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  4. 1. this company is considering your firm to the leather boots FOB to load a ship in October 23, your firms hould be possible to take delivery of goods in two...

  5. 所有的公司都擁有相同的科技, 所以他們之間的競爭是他們研發和推出產品的速度. 2006-10-07 00:08:26 補充: have 就已經代表擁有了唷eddy

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  6. 1. The firm is in financial difficulty. 這家公司處於財務困難中。 2.The government... out of bussiness. 若計劃失敗了,我們將會破產。 6.The firm will go under unless business improves. 這家公司要破產了,除非業務好轉...

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  7. Your firm hello the original material unceasingly rise in fact because of the Taiwan particular 1~2, my company rises in prices to your firm only aims at the sea transport expense and the oil burns the expense, certainly...

  8. One Blood 足球流氓片尾插曲 Terence Jay

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  9. Terence Jay 唱的one blood

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  10. ...the plethora of internal and external economic political influences that shape a firm s pricing decision. 他們指出,各種內在的、外在的、經濟的、政治的...

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