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  1. company與 firm 都是公司, 一般是通用, 唯獨用於名稱要用company, 不可用 firm . plant是工廠, 也可指整廠設備機器. 製鞋廠 shoe plant, shoe mill...) 2008-08-03 12:45:33 補充: Let's go to the firm . (X) 打錯了抱歉.

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  2. 我找到的一個解釋是這樣: Canada fairly large company: a company that is larger than a small or medium-sized enterprise but smaller than a large corporation 意指加拿大比小中型公司大, 但比大型企業小的稍大型企業或公司.

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  3. One Blood 足球流氓片尾插曲 Terence Jay

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  4. Terence Jay 唱的one blood

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  5. Second, Japanese electronics firms are well diversified, so I could observe...include the following: (1) at conglomerate level (2) at firm level (3) at business (unit) level (4) at division level so...

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  6. ...will try my best to explain is as straight foward as possiblep1 = firm 1 price, p2 = firm 2 price q1 = firm 1 quantity, q2 = firm 2 quantity c = marginal cost, identical...

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  7. A wished to discourage local firms not subject to peer review from continguing their A practice and to assure that...

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  8. ...reason of the Constitution violation. Of the 26 accounting firms ,21 (81 per cent) were Big 4 firms . 在所有的26個會計公司...

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  9. 第一個各字叫做琉璃醣碳基酸 跟acid(酸) 合起來就是傳說中的玻尿酸了 firming 是很多保養品會強調的功能 就是緊緻啦 serum就是有一點點霜狀感覺的產品 (乳霜...

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  10. ... her to belive 剛收到來自她的客戶的訊息要她相信that the firm 's financial statements in the registration statement overstate the firm 's...

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