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  1. I feel your writing is very fine and I think your parents might be right. If you talk too long on the phone to your friends, it might interrupt your studies. And, if you think you’re right, then you could just say...

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  2. ...至於“40分”,更讓人難以理解,它並不是15的倍數。在英文中,“15分”念作“ fifteen ”,為雙音節,而“30分”念作“thirty”,也是雙音節,“45分”念作“forty-five...

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  3. ...the" 15/F "of" Tower 1. on the 15/F = on the fifteenth floor

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  4. 1. The popular singer is my sister. 2. Being alone, the elderly asked me for help yesterday. “Being” is used in non-finite clauses where you are giving the reason for something. 你的兩個 relative clauses 都是屬于...

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  5. ...from January 1934 though December 1935 whenshe was fourteen and fifteen years old.Billie Jo's father is a wheat farmer, and...

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  6. I have thrown away (=out) boxes since this morning. (2)I have just thrown away boxes for the last time ! ---I have already thrown away the boxes for the last time ! 2015-04-06 20:55:48 補充: for 15 boxes.

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  7. 1.每月15或30日進行結算,並到客戶的公司收取有關支票。 1. On the fifteenth and thirtieth of each month, there will be a monthly balance, our company...

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  8. Dear Man: 機身嘈音很強大 Airframe noise are strong 每十至十五下便停 Per ten to fifteen beat will stop 好唔開心 No so happy about that Hope i can help you!

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  9. Here is your change - $15.80 ( fifteen eighty) or fifteen dollars eighty cents

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  10. Not higher than 3 based on IELTS grading scale: 1. Word consistency - In less than 200 words, you have used several different words for the United Kingdom: England, UK, bristher (Your...

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