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  1. fourteen, plus four equals to eighteen, and minus three equals to fifteen .真實語料:

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  2. Fifteenth day of the fifth lunar month Together with Chinese ...

  3. ...中,動詞用單數的關鍵,其實是作者將women’s sports和 ten or fifteen minutes視為不可數,而如果到Google查詢,確實有很多人就是當...

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  4. 1.One forty-five./A quarter to two./ Fifteen to two. 2.Ten thirty./Thirty past(after) ten. 3.Two fifty-nine...

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  5. ...對照: Fifteen 中英對照:

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  6. work work early early thirty thirty first first fifteen fifteen o’clock o’clock study hard study hard long long hour hour nine nine ten...

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  7. My fifteen -year-old life. My sixteen-year-old life

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  8. 你好哦 :") 在外國來說一般都是前面兩個數字一起念之後是後面兩個數字 基本上除非整數 千萬不要用千百十個這種唸法 沒有人這樣唸的 :")) 所以是A: fifteen -hundred

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  9. ...專輯: The Battle for Everything 歌詞 I'm fifteen for a moment Caught in between ten and twenty And I'm just...

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  10. Robbie Nevil - Fifteen Minutes (Lyrics) 選我正解

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