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  1. ... of businesses of public interests of track and field sports , running, and sports of the infant, etc. life short and politics .....

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  2. 可用 FIELD 這字  表示(知識)領域;專業;(活動)範疇如 :  醫學界=Medical Field 體壇= Sports Field 藝文界= Field of Literature and Art政壇=Political Field  

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  3. ... more students, and to cultivate more bright students in the field of Sport Management in Taiwan. 希望有幫助囉!

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  4. ... teacher will speak with me . 2.Toby and I were sports on the field yesterday afternoon .

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  5. our family and redefined a word as a pioner of playing sports like basketball in the fields . It's reminded me that something was like ...

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  6. ... States [83]. Known as the "four giants" in the field of sports including baseball, American football, ice hockey, and basketball.

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  7. ...為何use 後接of連接名詞(如果是片語 請解釋其原因) 上句等於 The field is reserved for sports teams use only. 改寫成the use of sport tems, of (prep.) 連接動作以及...

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  8. ... { sing } rock songs in a group. 5. Do you { do } track and field sports at your college? 6. I { live } with my brother in an apartment in...

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  9. ...和時態無關 運動會只有1個,爲什麼 sport 要加s? 運動項目這麼多,不止一個 運動會 sports day or field day 2013-06-16 15:47:45 補充: 運動會也可以用meet (n) 表示

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  10. ...of student body.  I hope that I have an opportunity to get into the research field for sports .  In a hope that I may contribute to improve the sports arena.

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