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  1. feed on (動物) 以...為主食 例句:The cows were feeding on hay. 牛群以乾草為生 live on 1. (人或動物) 以...為食,靠...過活 例句...

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  2. You want to ask more than peacock feed it? Big fish feed , as long as the ground can be to eat small fish...

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  3. guppies >> 孔雀魚 What do guppies feed on ? >> 孔雀魚吃什麼維生?

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  4. 我的答案:La vie nourrit de la musique. 請小心Alimentations de la vie sur la musique 是"生命的營養在音樂" Life Feeds on Music的意思是音樂是人生精神食糧

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  5. s hunger with depicted cake. Draw cakes to allay hunger— feed on illusions. Draw a pancake to allay hunger— feed on illusions...

  6. 問:an ego that feeds on flatter 答:自我吹牛 (老師所說的) 奇摩答案:在奉承者哺養的自我

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  7. ...load, but it can also calm and cleanse your whole body.(痛哭一場)(好好哭一下) feed on :Cows feed on hay.(以...為食物) call out:After hearing...

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  8. ... lives in the ocean such as shallow water. 3.what does it feed on ? It feeds on molluscs and echinoderms.

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  9. ...body. Can  it  swimNo, it can t.What  does  it  feed   on  The black mamba s diet consists mainly of small warm-blooded...

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  10. ... are liars fed on ? 改成: What do liars feed on ? 將What are swindlers fed on ? 改成: What do...

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