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  1. Fee ,Describe&CatID=113&PageID...framtop/online_price.htm東信費率表 fee /fee2c.jsp泛亞費率表

  2. 因該只是一種歡呼聲巴,就像卡通flintstone裡面的yabadabaduYahoo奇摩的yahooyeah運用一種簡單的聲音產生令人愉悅的感覺,就像中文中的"耶"有好棒阿的意思值得一提的是,這些自都是"Y"開頭的,我想因該是yes的變形字吧

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  3. Fee ,Describe&CatID=695&PageID=1706...大眾電信(PHS)費率: fee / fee _main.asp 亞太行動寬頻電信費率:

  4. Fee ,Describe&CatID=695&PageID=1706...大眾電信(PHS)費率: fee / fee _main.asp 亞太行動寬頻電信費率:

  5. Fee ,Describe&CatID=695&PageID...東信電信費率: fee /fee2frame.htm泛亞電信費率:

  6. All the fees are different depends on different bank. If you plan to come back...the website and it did not disclose lots of info regarding to the fees . However, I do know that my bank charged fees ...

  7. main( ) { int w_ fee , w_meter, e_ fee , e_meter; /* w_ fee 水費 , w_meter 水度數 , e_ fee 電費, e_meter 電...printf(" 請輸入用電度數: \n"); scanf("%d", &e_meter); w_ fee = 50 + 3.2 * w_meter; e_ fee = 100 + 4.3 * e_meter; printf("總共水費為 %d...

  8. Fee ,Describe&CatID=695&PageID...圖片參考: fee .gif   圖片參考:

  9. 正確說法應該是"feel free to"吧 如此一來,此句便作"無須拘束 "之意 全句為"如果 你 需要 其他 任何 資訊 , 請別客氣 用電子郵件和我聯絡" " If you need any other info , please feel free to email me." info是...

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  10. I just want to remind you that although the freight fee I gave you already includes insurance premium, freight fee however...稱呼,問好,就可以成信寄出了。 2014-03-10 14:33:47 補充: The final fee is still calculated based on the last exchange rate and fuel...

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