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  1. Find out from the given arithmetic expression by the rule of division/multiplication first on ie:-(42 divided by 6); and...

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  2. expand the following expressions 1. (3x+2)(2-5x) =3x(2-5x)+2(2-5x) =6x-15x2+4-10x =-15x2-4x+4 2. [5x(x-3)(x+4...

  3. 5m-5-2(m+1) =5m-5-2m-2 =3m-7 1st: Multiply out the bracket -2(m+1)= -2m-2 Then the whole expression became 5m-5-2m-2 After that: 5m-2m = 3m -5-2= -7 Therefore the final answer is: 3m-7 Is this help??

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  4. ------------------------------------- 圖片參考:

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  5. simplify the following expressions 1. (3x2–2x–3)–(x2–4x+1) = 3x2–2x–3–x2+4x&ndash...

  6. 6C pull sb. up short使人突然停止 3F haul sb over the coals訓斥某人 1E take forty winks小睡 2A strike while the iron is hot毫不猶疑地做 5D give sb the cold shoulder冷漠對待 4B throw in the cards放棄

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  7. ...(vi, perl) and other languages (Java, SQL) use regular expressions to search for patterns. We write a 'pattern' to match...

  8. 1. 2,9,16,23 a) next 3 terms b) use an algebraic expression to respresent the general term of the sequences. 1st term=2 common different=7...

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  9. They take their responsibilities seriously. 他們認真對待自己的職責。 I take my responsibilities/jobs seriously. 我好認真/投入去對待我的工作/責任。

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  10. 3.Rayond deposits an amount of money in a bank at an interest rate of 5% p.a.. The bank chargs him $50 and he gets back $10950 two years later. Find the amount that he deposits in a bank. Let the amount that he deposits...

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