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  1. The explanation (1)--(8) of what happened in interpretation:- (1)B we were ...

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  2. ... : She insists on your giving a satisfactory explanation . 或者可寫為 : She insists that you give (her, or us...

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  3. One explanation :-Past perfect tense; Used to say that it is possible to know what the results of something as it had happened ---->as it happened.

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  4. Explanation :Sentence a explains one way to smoke less. Sentence b...

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  5. ...what exactly happened at Babel and why is it used in explanations of language origins? According to Genesis Chapter...

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  6. The explanation you replied to us about the defective product is pretty much like what the Chinese manufacturer said.

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  7. ...coast. He is also called Bartholomew Diaz. 3. Explanation of why his discoveries ere important His voyage established...

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  8. ...quot;prosperity" in Chinese. I suppose this is the reaasonable explanation that Chinese people regard it as the luckiest number.

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  9. Being forthcoming with information and explanations regarding decisions will also be critical in facilitating...

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  10. account: 報導,記述事件始末經過. description: 描述,形容,敘述. explanation : 解釋,說明,有理由有根據的去解釋.