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  1. The ignition angle is determined for each engine operating point by test bed experiments . 點火角度為每引擎操作點人被測試床實驗決定。

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  2. ...學習到去進行試驗, 為了去對宇宙大地是許多的如何與為何會這樣去下定義. (自己 翻譯 的, 參考看看 ~~)

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  3. ...轉換成"中文",就像"Yahoo奇摩" 翻譯 工具的"字碼"轉換一樣。 第2步:就是考驗您的...ship sailed into a narrow strip of water to conduct an experiment . 字碼轉換為:一個 美國的 海軍 航行 到 一個 狹小的...

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  4. 雜中空: Miscellaneous and hollow 實驗裝影: The experiment packs a shadow

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  5. ...organization head, has each time attended class has done some experiments , these experiments are very for me interesting ...

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  6. ...很多不一樣方式防礙致效劑與其接受器之接合 Therefore, one of the early experiments was to replace the phenol groups with other substituents因此...

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  7. ...者的英文是 Subject 或完整一點: Experimental subject 好像也沒有其他的說法 教育部專有名詞...the object of medical or scientific study: The experiment involved 12 subjects. a person...

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  8. This study consisted of three experiments focusing on motor and language functional lateralization in regard to schizotypal personality...

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  9. 整個實驗,涵蓋了192個測試項目,分成四組進行,其中兩組為左右選項,另外兩組為上下選項。此實驗共歷時 25 分鐘。

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  10. ...that I could take you there (我真的以為我們可以一起雙宿雙飛) but my experiment is not getting us anywhere (但我的試驗讓我們成了籠中鳥...

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