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  1. ...and the wild water slides. A)was exhausted B)was exhausting . C).... 2012-03-28 09:57:43 補充: typo: because you can exhaust ... ===> because you can NOT exhaust ... 2012-03-28...

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  2. 抽油煙機可以用 exhaust fan嗎? -------- 不宜。 那我講 exhaust fan她們聽得懂嗎?? ---------- 會誤解。 抽油煙機...or rangehood (Australia), also known as a kitchen hood, stove hood, exhaust hood, cooker hood, extraction hood, cooking canopy, vent hood, ventilation hood, extractor...

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  3. exhaust 在這裡是名詞,不是「疲勞的」,是指引擎排放的廢氣,或室內不良的空氣。 exhaust fan 是複合名詞,兩字合起來指 「排放不良廢氣或空氣的風扇」,就是 「抽風機...

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  4. ...學分班(推廣教育) 3.升學進修二技或研究所,以冷凍空調工程為主(機械工程為輔) 因為 exhaust 最主要的設計有下列幾點: 1.熟知風速,靜壓與風機設備的學理(可以閱讀流體機械...

  5. After 3 exhausting days, I had a fever. 才對 exhaust 是情狀動詞,修飾 days 要用 exhausting ,人才用 exhausted 修飾‧ 得感冒還是用過去式講比較好‧ 情狀動詞,看這裡

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  6. 設以rocket速度方向為正: A rocket exhausts fuel with a velocity of 1500m /s, relative to the rocket. →V(fuel/rocket)=...

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  7. ... is embarrassing 這好丟臉 ex.This work is exhausting .這工作真累人 I'm exhausted 我累死了

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  8. 汽車的排氣溫度 exhaust gas temperature 縮寫是 EGT。 參考資料: (內文第四行) exhaust 沒有縮寫吧,或是說沒有一個廣為大眾使用的縮寫。

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  9. moon exhausted 是什麼意思?怎麼翻譯 有圖有真相 圖片參考:

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  10. Exhaust header used by the depot today, belong to the welding mode process. ...environment. In terms of product welding process makes the exhaust header looks unsightly, causing cracked solder after use easily...

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