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  1. 我另外加了一個 even as 先來看 even 最基本 的 定義 even - adv. used...else: He realized, even as he spoke, that no one would ever...請教您您手邊有什麼像這種問題(類似) 的 資料/報告/資訊 可以分享 的 嗎?

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  2. ...可以做得到 3.He can t even spell his own name. 他甚至不會拼他 的 名字 4.He s even more handsome than before. 他甚至比以前更英俊 5.She stole her brother s money and she...

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  3. Not so much as = not even For example: He doesn't so much as say hello to me...browse/so%20much For the 2nd sentence, see as 2008-04-20 04:07:02 補充: To book: Thanks so much for your...

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  4. 答案是D吧 Even if you are invited to play, you still need to pay... 即使你被邀請了, 你仍然需要付... ㄟ我有點不知道要怎麼解釋 although有點像是"雖然" 的 意思.... 像是說, although he was sick...

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  5. ...是用來表示「與現在事實相反」 的 不可能假設語氣文法,和 “ as though” 的用法 及意思相同,例如:Peter talks as if he knew...寫功課」。 以上是我小小見解,提供你做點參考,希望能幫上你 的 忙唷~~~~^_^

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  6. ..., you can also have those benefits. 3.請幫我補充一下 even 放在句首 的用法 " Even " used in front of sentence is usually used as an adverb, for examples: Even ...

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  7. ...) Not until 用法 : Not until + 子句(1) , 子句(2) 譯: 直到..子句(1),才..子句(2) (D) even though [連接詞] 即使 其中 Even though 翻譯成"即使" 而後面翻譯沒有"但是&...

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  8. as的用法 較because多: As I was going to school, I...當頓和破折號用。 問題二: as 能換成because 嗎? 要有逗號嗎? 這裡 的as 可換作because,因為附屬子句表示 的 是原因,但不需加逗號。

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  9. ... showed that syntactics as well as morphological development wasgoverned by constraints analogousto or even identical to morphological changes identified as instances ofgrammaticalization. 黃色底 的 重點部份是形容詞...

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  10. ...男孩連他 的 名字都寫不出來. so much as 是副詞片語沒錯, 乃口語上 的用法 , 相當於 even . 這裡有個討論串, 可以參考看看:

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