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  1. contagion是名詞. 形容詞為contagious. contagious 和 epidemic 都有傳染的意思. 但是contagious泛指所有會傳染的疾病或感覺像是情緒等. 而 epidemic ...

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  2. Because of epidemics they are not nearly so populous as they once were. epidemic 是流行疫病...

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  3. epidemic (疾病)地方性流行的 pandemic (疾病)全國性或全洲大流 行的 catastrophic...

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  4. pandemic 與 epidemic 的差別 >> 這兩個字當形容詞時可以互通 a pandemic disease = an epidemic disease

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  5. ... in Despair There is an epidemic of unknown infection that plights this country in the last...害怕,在公共場所都必須戴上口罩避免被感染。An epidemic called SARS emerged in Taiwan...

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  6. epi- 是什麼意思? epi- 的意思是 "among, upon (在...中)" epidemic : from epi- "among, upon (在...中)" + demos "people, district" (大眾 demotic). epidemic epidemic

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  7. ... have we learned from the SARS Epidemic ? Dr.B.H said " ... lacked for ability about dealing epidemic like hospital master didn t inform health office of suspicious patient...

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  8. Prevent epidemic disease to plan is been responsible for by the quality control personnel of company...

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  9. 1.SARS epidemic situation 2.President election 3.President election judicature examination receipt 4.Center the communist army develops the rumor and the terror attack shadow recurrence

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  10. A similar kind of flu is now threatening humans again and memories of the 1918 5 epidemic are causing anxiety across the globe. 現在有一種流感和1918年大流行的流感很類似,它再次衝擊著人類而導致全球性的大恐慌。

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