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  1. ...interest is playing the piano, I came into contact with two small abacus, it increased my sensitivity...-related knowledge, hope to have the opportunity to enter your system to learn , Thank you.

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  2. Hoping to use the best level and ability, studying to enter the school. Medium-large senior If it can get into your University, I will as soon as possible into the campus as...

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  3. ....go to the candy shop (B)How did she feel when she entered the store?'s taller than she thinks

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  4. ... College . Exemption into Rende Medical College , the result... dreaming of occupation . " After entering junior college , I told myself to strive...

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  5. 1、 公司帳:(565) -退票(92) =正確餘額= (657) +未兌現票據=57 =銀行對帳單餘額=(600) 題目問的是正確銀行存款金額,所以只要從公司帳金額減退票金額即可。 至於何時要加減未兌現票據 ? 列出下表來,希望對你有幫助: 1.帳載數+銀行代收票據-被退票數-銀行收取費用+/-錯誤更正...=正確金額 2...

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  6. ... was often responsible for making posters in my class. Entering into the National Middle School , I served as...

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  7. My name is ____. I am from Taoyuan. I have five family members. Now I'm studying in senior high school. I am quite introverted, so the first impression that I gave people usually...

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  8. 句意其實是:無法平衡事業與家庭的人,根本不可能有與人分享退休生活的一天(不是因為花了太多時間在工作上而早就失去可以分享的人,就是因為專心顧家而沒有一份將來可以退休的專職)。

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  9. ...形容詞當主詞補語。 get into 可在後面加上名詞當其介系詞 into 的受詞。如:to get into the house = to enter the house = to go into the house 2011-09-20 11:52:34 補充: Let US...

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  10. In reply to your question, I would rather hardly suggest you to enter into North Taiwan Science Technical College as compare with Shi-Fei Senior High School.

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