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  1. enriched 的解釋 1. 使富裕 The success of the new business has enriched .... 新的生意的成功使店主們富裕起來。 2. 使豐富 Music can enrich your life. 音樂能豐富你的生活。 3. 使(土壤)肥沃 soil enriched ...

  2. enrich (vt) 充實 enriched (adj)充實的 After the journey,I felt enriched . 或 It s an enriching journey.

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  4. [使]豐富: enrich I'll try to enrich it. 這裡的it 可以用其他單字[名詞]代替 文章 literary works; writings an article; an essay; a composition; a theme 網誌 blog [部落格] 以上回答提供參考 祝身體健康 天天開心

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  5. Enrich the assortments and correct mix margin through an over exposure of priority ...

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  6. I want to be a person who can substantiate myself and enrich others. enrich 使豐富 ex:Music can enrich your life. 音樂能豐富你的生活。

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2005年11月20日

  7. Collection Enriches Life When I was a junior high school student... is not only an interesting hobby but also a life- enriching activity. 有問題請提出。

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  8. 五月天-神的孩子都在跳舞限量版 1. Enrich Your Life(讓我照顧你/國泰世華銀行...你戰鬥永不投降 讓我照顧你 豐富你的人生願望 Enrich your life 我超越我自己的想像 風雨再大...

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  9. It's better to enrich you yourself with more useful information than to surf on the adult site during the...

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  10. "To enrich your taste - the feast of wine soaked fruit" 我不確定你的酒釀水果是什麼東西 所以我用的字是代表用酒浸泡的水果