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  1. 【Wake me up when September ends 】 演唱:Green Day ...偶然提點起那過去〕 Wake me up when September ends 〔在九月尾叫醒我〕 Summer ...

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  2. end up 是最終 I will end up yours 我最終都是你的

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2010年06月22日

  3. ...amp;#39;re still losin control And we try to make it work But it still ends up the worst And I'm craaazzzy For tryin to be...

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  4. Peter Pan ending / spoiler Captain Hook ends up getting eaten by the giant alligator. Wendy, John,...

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  5. all of them are wake me up when september ends you may choose which one is the best

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  6. end up with 的中文意思是 結果;導致

  7. DBSK Why did I end up falling for you?我為何最後為你傾倒? No...已經選擇了不同的路徑。 Why did I end up falling for you?我為何最後為你傾倒? No...

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  8. 是這個嗎?

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  9. 我想問 wrap up moved to the end of the day 點解呀? Concentrated (on something) till the end of the day. wrap up move = 全神貫注地

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2008年04月25日

  10. In the old days, I agree with you that the would end up in China. However, I think you agree that most of the ...

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