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  1. ...still had a chance Letting go, this is the end of romance Broken hearts find your way... own Life will go on product /B00005V8ST/ref=pd_sim_m_4/102-0688697-7220108?%...

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  2. ...such a difference And all you leave behind will live to the end The cycle of suffering goes on But ... 專輯介紹請參考下面的網頁 ~~ product .aspx?pgid=1004123081733996

    分類:音樂 > 搖滾流行 2010年06月24日

  3. ...歌詞: 收錄專輯: End Of An Era 專輯資訊: product /B000QR4WO2/ref=dm_sp_alb 專輯曲目: Disc 1: 1. Dark...

    分類:音樂 > 其他:音樂 2009年10月09日

  4. really left behind You don 't know when the end is But it 's coming fast 2006...只有30秒 足夠確定就是這首歌了 product /B0009MAPUY/ref=m_art_pr_7/102-8017339-4960921

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  5. ...39;d stay forever But they say all good things come to an end ... 找不到mv給你確認 所以就按第11首preview試聽確認是不是你要的吧 product =12850&sid=96345

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  6. ... Greatest 6. Till The End Of The World 7. Private...10:06 補充: 試聽請上amazon官網: product /B001I1V0YU/ref=sr_1_album_1_rd?ie=...

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  7. ...收錄於2001年SHHH! 專輯中,曲目13 product /B0000589VD/qid=1153034882/sr=1-5/ref=... you love me, say you need me, till the end of time Say those three little words I...

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  8. ... 6. Love Me, Leave Me 7. In The End 8. Love Confusion 9. Animal 10. Be Remembered...

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  9. ... Finale (01:07) 30. Annapolis End Title (05:20) 您的問題太籠統了,整部電影大部份都...全部曲目,請版大自己尋找!抱歉! 試聽: product /detail/1413966#

    分類:音樂 > 其他:音樂 2008年06月30日

  10. ... Generation 圖片參考: products /HMV-595_1-250.jpg oh oh oh oh ahhh oh oh... away everybody come out in the sunshine at the end of the day everything is ok everything is ok...

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