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  1. ...當然也該用名詞片語方式寫. 2.____ time and labor, modern factories commonly employ the use of computerized production lines. 空格填To save...

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  2. For viable 活性bioaerosol 生物氣膠sampling, the single-stage Anderson samplers 安德森單階式採樣器were employed .使用安德森單階式採樣器,進行活性生物氣膠採樣。

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  3. 1. recruiting, employing , training, retaining. 2. When I worked in the human resource section, I like to surf this website. I think it will be useful to you.

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  4. Socrates Quotes: Employ your time in improving yourself by other men s writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for.

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  5. 任用是 employ 管理師 manager 任用管理師 employ a manager

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  6. ...and am sure that I will do my best if being employed . 我之所以來貴公司應徵 , 是為了增加我的工作經驗, 而如果我被貴公司錄取...

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  7. class Employee { private String id; private String name; private...public class EmployeeData{ public static void show( Employee emp[]){ for( Employee employ :emp){ System.out...

  8. ...受過良好的教育並且非常了解自己;她對於自己有自信。 3.Your potential employer is a person who might employ you. 你的潛在老闆就是有可能雇用你的那個人...

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  9. ...for the people’s well-being, and did all he could tomaintain peace by employing only the best of knights to protect the land.這裡從前住著一位受...

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  10. ..., aircraft-carriers and nuclear equipments have all employed numerous variety of Iframed System. 另外我把 used 改成 employed ...

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