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  1. ...for your reference: — 虎虎生風的同義字:Valiant (英勇的) — Eloquent 或是 Silver-tongued ==》滔滔不絕: el·o·quent (adj) 1. ...

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  2. ...think carefully he will also found out he is also a well-read, and very eloquent narrator. 希望您會喜歡

  3. ... has a graceful literary/writing style. XX has an  eloquent   literary/writing style. 圖片參考:

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  4. ...see it in a different kind of light Pay my lip service Keep it eloquent Optimistic but Never quite elegant Still a weirdo ...

  5. 個性 ambitious demure dominant eloquent exuberant hysterical homely humorous naïve nonchalant precocious sarcastic sensitive vivacious 心情 agitated ambivalent depressed gloomy jovial lackadaisical livid lovestruck morose

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  6. Gary An (Galliano) the decadent sweet taste The eloquent liquor, turns Harvey. Fertile Luban card volt ...

  7. In this way, you can increase the guts and training eloquent fluent

  8. ... an abbreviation for "hear, all ye good people, hear what this brilliant and eloquent speaker has to say!"

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  9. ... willing to learn and improve although my words may not be eloquent , I will learn to communicate God has given me a...

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  10. ..., the gifts are sending out messages---often very eloquent ones. 在所有的這些實例,禮物送出的訊息---常常是很有說服力的

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