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  1. 你只不過係因為比佢摸到你ge 敏感部位而產生性興奮je, 男仔自慰個陣都會 eject ~因為li d 係正常ge生理反應~ 唔一定係比中意ge 異性摸先會感到性興奮 只要你唔係對住女人無生理反應或好想同男人共渡一生ge話你就唔係gay

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  2. ... 聲響,HardDisk 燈有著但係唔郁,Disc Drive Eject 冇反應,個 Mon 冇畫面…就係因為塊底板有問題,一換左即刻冇哂事...

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  3. The velocity of gas ejected from the rocket.

  4. ...小孔,以機械動作強行彈出。 『部腦有個凹位』 不是部腦,係個cd機。如圖 eject -hole所示。 圖片參考:

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  5. It is because liquids are almost imcompressible. When the syringe is pressed, a pressure is applied to the liquid, which forces the liquid to be ejected out.

  6. ... rocket propels because of the reaction force produced by the ejecting water. There is a pair of action-reaction forces acting...

  7. ...gun powder create a lot of gas and those gas expend and eventually the projectil will be ejected in high speed as pressure built up. Also, the gas also serve as a blow...

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  8. ... 11-A 12-B 13-A 14-C 15-A 16-road 17- ejected 18-address 19-Dollars 20-queit 21-B 22-E 23-D 24...

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  9. eat more egg, sea food and 內臟 etc and less sport would cause 蛋白質會過多 To reduce it, do more sport and less eat such kind of high potein food would very fast to reduce potein. More eject can help too but have side effect like tire.

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  10. ...through the metal ball in direction into the paper. In order for the ball to be ejected towards the right, by using Fleming's Left Hand...