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  1. ...部分; 管理某種事物的各個方方面面 She coordinated the relief efforts in Sudan. 她負責協調蘇丹的災難救濟工作。 relief efforts 是指...

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  2. the following years 盡力 made a ddetermined effort

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  3. The search effort has recovered 106 bodies, with 56 unaccounted for. 這項搜尋...

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  4. ...一起努力~)May we have the same dream and future. Let’s make great efforts together. Änswer 1.原文很好 口語中較少使用 May we have the...

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  5. The tower of success, needs to be constructed by the brick of effort . 成功的塔是需要用努力的磚來建造. or 成功是需要努力的 there is NO need for " , " between "success" and "needs".

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  6. ...的事)....然而當初卻沒那樣作.... 整句: You should have made effort to talk to him. 你可以跟他多談一下的 。 (不過當初並沒試著多和他...

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  7. 1. It’s considered to be less effort than what it takes to just wash the spoon when you ... society has reached a point where the effort necessary to. 我們的社會已經達到努力要求的成果,這是非常...

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  8. 努力 make great efforts 【 effort / 努力 , 艱苦的嘗試 , 努力的結果 , 成就】 try hard to exert oneself 【exert / 使用 , 盡力】 to strive 【strive / 努力,力求,奮鬥,勤奮,勤勉】

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  9. The efforts that are made for others happiness make a person surmount himself.

  10. His efforts , which he claims are his best, which [is] less...

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