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  1. ... last week. 上星期郵局發行了這些郵票。 2007-02-07 12:16:32 補充: 15. effort His efforts ended in failure. 他的努力終歸失敗。 I...

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  2. 這making the rescue efforts more difficult是「分詞構句」,用來修飾述部... around the accident, which made the rescue efforts more difficult.這裡的形容詞子句是sentential relative clause...

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  3. "She did not frown but only with a small amount of effort . 她盡她少少的努力嘗試不皺眉。 "You kept you head on straight...

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  4. WHOPPING SUCCESS OF XXX’s Joint Promotion at Blueprint Singapore 2013

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  5. ...版主, 要稍稍再改一下, 變成:All my efforts have paid off就可以了^^ 2006-03-23 17:33...可以將 "hard work paid off" 或 " effort paid off" 當關鍵字鍵入google 一下, 保證...

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  6. ... way, they will cry less and have a better future. I feel my efforts while working with them will pay off soon.

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  7. ...你致力於何事,它毫無疑問地會竭盡心力為你著想。 It's worth the effort to think critically. 批判性思考會讓你值回票價。

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  8. ..., (who his critics say has mounted a dtermined effort to overthrow the leader). 請注意你提供的句子並不是(完整)句子喔,括號部分是形容詞...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2006年07月18日

  9. ... come true. Although it is difficult, I will make an effort to achieve my goals. I just want to do something I want...

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  10. the following years 盡力 made a ddetermined effort

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