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  1. ...further. Therefore, we would like to terminate the inspection services, effective from Sept 1, 2013 Thank you 不管是誰寫的 上班族好厲害阿 @@ 2013...

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  2. 這看起只是你工作合同的一部份, 意思是你的試用期由有效試用期開始算起12個月期滿時,若雙方都同意,則工作期限無限延長,若有一方欲終止此工作合約,須於30天前以書面通知.

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  3. ...situation. Will you accept our offer based on FOB term effective from next years? Which means that you can make some choices...

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  4. ... company has applied for unpaid leave of one year, effective from February 1 2005 to January 31 2006.ManagerXYZJune 12...

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  5. 「2013年即日起」==》 From the “Undersigned date” = 『自簽署日期起』應該就可以了。 合作案執行期間:2013年即日起至2013年10月31日止 Effective dates of project collaboration: from the undersigned date to October 31, 2013.

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  6. ...職務異動自2007年9月1日生效 --Above mentioned position will alternate effective from 2007/09/01 on

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  7. ... Fee新費率 Customer ID: TWJPUNIT Effective from October 1, 2008 kindly be advised that your basic monthly fee...

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  8. effective -fighting-against-mosquitoes-39956.htm 有興趣了解蚊子或想知道...

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  9. 您好: 你說的兩個意思都沒錯,這句話的意思,就是從今天起,三十天內有效。也就是從今天開始,有效日期三十天。 希望對你有幫助

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  10. ... some change in the way of communication with our sales Dept effective from today. A業務: B業務:

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