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  1. Unable to answer. While the earthquake can make a major impact, the exact impact done depends on the location of the epicenter, depth, as well as the magnitude of the earthquake . So there is no universal answer to your question.

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  2. earthquake /Data/quake/EC0714194643109.htm

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  3. To TINA Yang:- (B)1-(A)---fireworks show; (A)2-(A)---convinced;--make me feel certain,to realize (B)3-(B)stress---pressure, hardship, times of trouble,; (C)4-(C)to raise;---get, get money for the...

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  4. 因為occur是不及物動詞啊! 在中語 "發生"也是當不及物動詞. 若是要接受詞,就要接 介係詞. 例子: 失敗 只有對 弱者 發生 "對"就是介係詞啊! <occur(不及物動詞)> <to(介係詞)> <the blood vessels and organs(受詞...

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  5. 3. D 16. C 21. D 22. C 26. A 27. B 28. B 29. D 30. B 3. D 4. D 更新: 16. A 29. B 30. A

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  6. ...混亂,因為你不可能當時看到一樣己經發生了的事。 5There was an earthquake last night. Did you feel the house ___?(A)shake(B)to shake(C...

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  7. A sleepy song can make you sleepy, but the song itself is not sleepy.(第一個sleepy是修飾語,第二個是受詞補語,第三個是的主詞補語) 催人入眠的歌,它本身是不會想睡的。 「受詞補語」與「受詞」是be動詞的關係;「主詞補語」與「主詞」是be動詞的關係。 所以你那題的答案不...

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  8. clean or purify water with, such as a bit of chlorine bleach Also, we can keep earthquake survival Kits handy. Such a kit would include a radio, a flashlight, extra...

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