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  1. 1.(D) penny便士(幣值單位)是被省下來的 所以用p.p. 而且諺語通常前後時態一致( earned ) 2.(C)打一場漂亮的仗 是陳述過去事件用過去簡單式 3. ( A ) ever after 是從此以後

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2007年02月15日

  2. ... does the economic downturn happen? ANS: It is a globe crisis. ANS: 2. When When economic downturn happened...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2008年12月29日

  3. ...喔!! 2.Since Tom attended to college, he ________his living by doing all kind of part -time jobs A is earning B has earned C had earned D...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2008年09月20日

  4. Harold Scott earned his living by selling cheap shoes. →...生活費。 He bought some shoes from a factory and brought them to people'...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2008年02月16日

  5. ...skill, he was taken by a malevolent shopkeeper who let people ...animal and made money by this.    living 可以當形容詞用,不用加動詞和所有格....   some time-->one, earn -->made,個人覺得較合原意...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2007年10月26日

  6. that I am able to promote a higher standards of living and thus earn a better life. 2007-08-05 17:59:43 補充: My mother is an assissant...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2007年08月11日

  7. ... in her story we cannot live without water we must study english step by step this book...i will lend you my car as long as next week bob earns a lot of money by working hard mary and nancy ...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2013年03月27日

  8. ...12- earn a BA degree 取得學士學位 I earned a BA degree last year in Washington... to learn their language and culture. 16-to live by 以~而生存 抱歉喲ˋ第十六題不太會=ˇ...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2008年11月13日

  9. If you invest this money and earn 10% interest per year, you will have a substantial income of 100,000 a year that you can live all of indefinitely without depleting your capital. (如果你把錢投資...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2009年03月16日

  10. ... ( don't live ) in London. I ( live in ) Brighton. She ( works ) from... she play)the guitar? How much money ( do you earn ) a month? (Does it snow) much in your country?

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2009年10月07日

  1. earn a living 相關
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