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  1. 那不是醫學名詞 SD是統計用語 standard deviation 標準差的縮寫 詳細意義可以參考統計學

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  2. recent days he got watery diarrhea 5-6 times a day . No tarry stool or abdominal pain was...chair .昨天早上,他自椅子上起身時發生了一次暈厥 Duration about 1 minute and no seizure was noted...

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  3. ...0 Pharmacokinetics 2.1 Onset and Duration A) Onset 1) Initial ... Concentration Levels A) Time to Peak Concentration 1) ...

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  4. ... at 13Y/O regularity:28-30 Duration :4-5 第一次月經在13歲 有規則28-30天 持續4-5天...06-21 23:44:03 補充: sorry!!有一段打錯....是打 this time she suffered from face, hand,foot edma,oliguria,freguent...

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  5. ... such as cramps. This is three to five days duration of symptoms. The longer the abuse, withdrawal symptoms...

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  1. duration time 相關