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  1. 建議內容如下: I take liberty to remind you to delete my 5 duplicated transactions of August 28 with Serial Nos. 508 through...

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  2. lntelligece signal = 智慧型訊號 carrier = 載波 constant power = 不斷電 envelope = 外皮 duplicate = 複製 Over modulation = 過度模組化 unmodulated = 去模組化 沒前後文只能這樣猜了

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  3. ... 2.Above two jiao fold 3 .along the median line.Again duplicated one time acts other day 4.Place above acute angle toward internal wear...

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  4. ...選項,員工們便能使更多會員滿意" 2.因為system files不會自己複印( duplicate ),所以是被複印(be duplicated ) 3.對,因為是過去式當然就選-ed(...

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  5. 需要整句才可解釋準確. 衹兩個字解作: 如法庭般那樣實在. 這兩個字常用在電腦方面. forensically sound duplicate 是將硬碟(hard drive) 備份(copy). 數據(data) 的內容,位置都一模一樣, 絲毫不差.

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2010年06月24日

  6. ...l苯胺藍和雙氯西林( 2毫克/毫升)被使用。 4.The average count of the duplicate plates was used for statistical analysis. ...平均計數...

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  7. "在紙上作答"的英文 : please make answer on paper "正本"的英文" : original + 副本"的英文 : duplicate 或 copy "請在正本上回答" : please make answer on same original instrument

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2014年03月25日

  8. I will send the contract to you by post. Please provide the name of recipient and postal address. Thank you. I have sent out the contract with a duplicate copy via XX快遞公司, and the airway bill is OOOOO.

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  9. ... itself (sugars, fats, proteins cannot duplicate themselves) inside cells. - When DNA replicates...

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  10. ...同意請勿轉載: please do not reprint without my consent" 另外, copy 可以用 duplicate 替代, 有複製之意, 因為 copy 較口語化, 通常在正式警告用語中並不常見。我上面...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2006年01月22日