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  1. ...注射 2006-12-01 16:25:00 補充: 我也聽過有人統稱「吊針」、「吊鹽水」為 drip drop ,但暫時未能在字典中找到證明。

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  2. I have it!!! You can just download it from forums too!

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  3. ...amp;#39;s for anyone askin' give me one pass 'em Drip drip drop there goes an eargasm Now you cumin' out the side of your...

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  4. ... fairly new and got no signs of dripping or leaking, you can fill it to the middle between... and look for leaks if the oil level drops . Happy driving.

  5. ...bottom and narrowing towards the top — but this is incorrect. Only drops of water dripping from some sources are tear-shaped at the moment of formation...