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  1. 嘗試在檢視 > 編碼內選big5, unicode, gb2312, japanese (auto-select)呢幾個最常用的編碼,如果只能部份顯示正確或未能解決問題,即該email在傳送時已出現問題,不能正確顯示有關內容!

  2. You should download and install Windows XP HOME language pack. Then it could...4625-a07a-0cc1b341be7c&displaylang=en note that it will validate your xp before download the package. if you are using the xp without license, the only way to change...

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  3. ... the problem of garbled characters (亂碼) in showing Chinese song name, "Mp3tag" can... cell phone). (The download website for "Mp3tag"...

    分類:家用電器 > 手提電話 2010年10月17日

  4. 功課梗係要自己做.做完再被人改啦. 冇人會替你做功課.

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2009年11月26日

  5. ...below: download / download1 .aspx Follow the instruction ... the Taiwan version and all characters are in Chinese . Hope I can help you.

  6. ...2010-10-02 15:57:58 補充: 或者你去呢度 DOWNLOAD 一兩隻簡體字來試下試將你的文件改名做 .rtf 再用 openoffice 開. character set 選 chinese simplified (GB-18030) Default...

  1. download chinese character 相關