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  1. ... like this;whether a long narrow piece of material or Not.(If you don 't have any ideas on it;Can anyone just kindly help you ?) In...

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  2. Need可以和do一樣當助動詞。文法上need not teach和do not teach用法一樣,意義上和do not need to teach一樣。

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  3. Possible indeed. But the same thing is also true for more than 4 billions people out there. Why don 't you just relax, kick back and enjoy the ride. Nothing bad will happen to you, I promise.

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  4. ... 也可以? The girl stands here, whose name I don 't know, is beautiful.錯誤。因為主句的述部是stands...,沒有使用...

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  5. ...order to get a spouse.In addition, because Panda is strong, so they don 't have many predators. I hope I have helped you.

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  6. (1) pleased (2) excited (3) interesting (4) exciting (5) bored (6) positive (7) negative (attitude - positive / negative) (8) pessimistic (9) optimistic (10) dislike (11) boring (12) sick (13) interested (14) likes (15) moving (16...

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  7. ... of your presentation, treat the crowd as a single object (死物) and don 't focus your eyes on them for their reaction. ...

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  8. ...appropriate counters (a--->z) to shopping 2015-08-06 23:30:42 補充: Don 't get mad Eica Eclair.

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  9. it means that those are messages in the forum of the internet. give some 回應to these messages. 1. Q: i think there is too many violence in animations. (我認為在動畫有太多的暴力。) then you can talk about your thoughts to answer...

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  10. ...: Do you like the film 'Wanted' ? Sally: I don 't know. I have not watched (not watch) it yet. When didyou...

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