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  1. ... it HOT I mean WOW so flipping good. I don ’t think I've ever read a book with so much sex in it. They do...

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  2. Hmm, what can a person do to the money? Quite a few things, don 't you think? He can earn it, save it, invest it, spend it, give it away, and...

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  3. "into" preposition; indicating change of condition,result:- eg:- Don 't get into correspondence after Judges' decision.

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  4. ---Police don 't know the if-clause,that clause, noun clause to indicate that an event is likely or unlikely clause.

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  5. ...will increase, brothers and sisters, my vocabulary. Why don 't you learn to spell in the Language Lab.?

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  6. ... and Corrections beyond your redemption; Warning:- Don 't be an agency that makes money by translation with others !?:- ...

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  7. ... must get someone in to repair the air-con. --------------------------------- Don 't get in debts here. ---------------------------------Get in more whisky...

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  8. of which=relative adj ;formal, and rare; eg:-preceded by a comma; preceded by S--V,and followed by O; Rearranging the sentence:- eg:- Don 't make decision, of which, guidelines should.

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  9. Don t worry too much about our performance is correct. us is a noun our is an adjective

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  10. For all you say 不管你怎麼說 例: For all you say, I don 't think to give up would be the best choice. 不管你怎麼說,我並不認為放棄會是最好的選擇。 ╭╮ .╭╮ . \ . \. /. / ╭   ╮ │ ╮ ╭ . l ╰───╯

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