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  1. ..., they like to play for a few bucks, compete in tournaments, dogfights and match play events. ◎換句話說,他們會為了獲取獎金而在錦標賽...

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  2. 其實你可以想像 一群野狗為了食物而打群架的場面The Iraqi refugee got into a dogfight over a piece of bread.伊拉克難民因為一片片包打群架

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  3. OH - Observation Helicopter - 觀察直升機 E - Electronic Aircraft - 電子作戰機 A - Attack Aircraft - 攻擊機 (地面) F - Fighter Aircraft - 戰鬥機 B - Bomber...

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  4. What the best way is to learn English is a mystery for a lot of people. As for English books there's exceptionally numerous books about learning English. Probably everybody wants to know why some people...

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  5. 壽司 炒麵 溜溜球 折返跑 嘻哈 蜱釘趾 貓午睡 搶破頭。 dogfish 鯰魚 猿 狗猿 猿-男子 sandman 輕便的男子 milkman birdman 藍血 藍色,在面對 bluebeard bull's眼 長遠來說, 希望對你有幫助

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