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  1. learning disabilities 學習障礙 Emotional Disturbance 情緒障礙 attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder 注意力缺失╱過動症,簡稱為 ADHD。 autism 自閉症 polio (poliomyelitis)小兒麻痺 resource teacher 資源班老師

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  2. ...2008-2-1, the patient suffered from general weakness with DOE and conscious disturbance for 1day. 在97年2月1日,病人因全身虛弱及呼吸困難還有意識不清而受苦了1整天...

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  3. On the contrary, in times of disturbances and instabilities, language can spread to other places through the migration of people who are forced to exile.

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  4. ...明確的. 整句話如下: Simon would have regarded with impotent fury the disturbance between the North and the South, as it left his ...

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  5. (1) Students with lower family incomes, have higher disturbance level ; (2) It is more difficult for students with lower family incomes in coping with pressure.

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  6. ...什麼是RDI?? RDI Respiratory Disturbance Index Respiratory Distress Index.RDi公式...

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  7. A tsunami which is triggered by a disturbance in the ocean floor is caused by earthquakes.The tragic...

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  8. Earthquake : Sudden shaking of the ground caused by a disturbance deeper within the crust of the Earth. 網路上許多 online encyclopedia可以查喔

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  9. ...熱帶性暴風 3. Hurricane 颶風 B: 1. A pre-existing disturbance with thunderstorms 因雷暴雨而有的既有干擾 2. Warm (at least...

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  10. ... also different, among "has the possibility" to be able to create the disturbance , but flies the navigation security is count for much, therefore so long as...

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