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  1. ...ironically hastened the Union's dissolution . Declarations of independence by the constituent ... announced his acceptance of the dissolution of the Soviet Union and his resignation...

    分類:文學及人文學 > 歷史 2007年04月15日

  2. ...implement the reform of municipal services, the two grounds together with the dissolution of the Urban Services Department, Urban ...

    分類:文學及人文學 > 歷史 2009年11月11日

  3. ...power in Russia to Boris Yeltsin, who oversaw the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

    分類:文學及人文學 > 歷史 2009年12月05日

  4. ...the Battle of Vittorio Veneto, which heralded the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Army as an effective fighting...

    分類:文學及人文學 > 歷史 2006年12月03日

  5. ... power of any English monarch, and brought about the Dissolution of the Monasteries and the union of England and Wales...

    分類:文學及人文學 > 歷史 2007年09月02日

  1. dissolution 相關